International Resources

The Butterfly Foundation
The Foundation is a community based charitable organisation that supports eating disorder sufferers and their carers through direct financial relief, advocacy, awareness campaigns, health promotion and early intervention work, professional training in primary and secondary schools and supporting eating disorder and body image research.

National Eating Disorders Collaboration
The NEDC is a voluntary collaboration that brings together Eating Disorders stakeholders and experts in mental health, public health, health promotion, education, research and the media to help to develop a nationally consistent approach to Eating Disorders in Australia.

National Eating Disorders Information Center
The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) is a non-profit organization that provides information and resources on eating disorders and food and weight preoccupation. The Mental Health Programs and Services division of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has mandated NEDIC to provide information about issues related to eating disorders, including up-to-date information on what treatment is available.
Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada
The Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada is enthusiastically behind local community groups that have set up awareness campaigns, support groups, education in the schools and much more, and sees a leadership role in bringing these local initiatives together to give them a stronger voice when it comes to provincial and federal funding.

Hope, help and healing for those struggling with disordered eating and for their family and friends. Hopewell, a not-for-profit registered charitable organization, was created in 1999 by three Ottawa mothers fuelled by a common goal to help their daughters overcome their battles with anorexia.

New Zealand
Eating Disorders Association of New Zealand
Eating Disorders Assoc NZ (EDANZ) offers parents and carers help. EDANZ was established by parents of people with eating disorders in New Zealand. We understand how challenging the illness is for the person and the family.

beat is a UK charity for people with eating disorders and their families. beat is the working name of the Eating Disorders Association, and we continue to build on the strong foundations of the past 20 years of work.

Eating Disorder Resource Centre of Ireland
The Eating Disorder Resource Centre of Ireland is an Irish based Organisation dedicated to the Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders in Ireland.

Men Get Eating Disorders Too
A charitable organization that seeks to raise awareness of eating disorders in men so men are able to get the support they need.

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