Guided Discussions for Recovery

Guided Discussions for Recovery
Guided Discussions for Recovery is a powerful new resource created to provide clinicians with an opportunity to utilize Melissa’s journal and the film Someday Melissa, the Story of an Eating Disorder, Loss and Hope to facilitate discussions about eating disorders and related issues – through Melissa’s voice.  The Guidebook can be used as an adjunct to therapy in a variety of settings, such as individual, family, and group inpatient or outpatient sessions with clients and/or their family members.  The Guidebook and DVD are a truly unique combination – there is no other clinical therapy tool currently available using a method that is so personally impactful.

 “This valuable new guidebook provides a framework for clinicians to process the film with patients and their families.  The questions and thoughts posed in the book provide a safe starting point for patients to start talking.”

Felicia Kolodner,
Director, Reflections Treatment Center
Dominion Hospital
Falls Church, VA


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Someday Melissa is now available from NEDA for screenings or purchase.