Posted January 27, 2013

Submitted on March 25, 2013

Someday, I’ll be able to express my thoughts.  Someday, ED won’t control my every move.  Someday, I won’t drift off into a “dream world” of food while everyone else is focused at work.  Someday, I’ll look in the mirror and like what’s looking back at me.  Someday, my best friend and I who I met by chance not in some support group will BOTH be in recovery.  Someday, I’ll be able to express myself when I’m angry, sad and tormented to others who have hurt me without punishing myself.  Someday, I’ll believe someone when they call me beautiful.  Someday, I’ll remember who I was before ED or recreate myself.  Someday, the tears will go away.  Someday, the anger will go away.  Someday, the people who don’t belong in my life will all fade away.  Someday, I will enjoy and participate in going to holiday functions.  Someday I’ll love rescuing animals again.  Someday, I’ll remember what it’s like to eat strawberries and whip cream straight from the can like I did when I was a kid.  Someday, I’ll learn to trust people again.  Someday, I’ll have children.  Someday I’ll be a better daughter, sister, aunt, teacher and friend.  Someday I won’t be scared without ED.  Someday, I’ll believe ED was wrong about everything! Someday, I’ll write a book or develop some sort of art to help those just like me.  Some day, I’ll go in a hot air balloon and face my fear of heights because I’ve always wanted to.  Someday when I’m in the hot air balloon I’ll look up at the sky and realize I’m just as beautiful and care free as it is.  Someday, I’ll be recovered because I owe it to myself and all the people who’ve lost their lives to ED.  Someday, there will be NO more ED.

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