Posted January 27, 2013

Submitted on March 5, 2013 at the Rutgers University screening


    • Someday I will heal from child sexual abuse and incest.
    • Someday… every girl won’t think about their bodies before eating.
    • Someday I will have a family and be a role model for my children.
    • Someday I will help a child in need.
    • Someday… I will help people in need around the world <3
    • Someday ED will not be my identity but instead LOVE.
    • Someday I will be courageous enough to share my own story. Thanks for sharing yours.
    • Someday I will understand.
    • Someday my girlfriend will defeat her ED and we will have a wonderful family.
    • Someday I will fully recover!
    • Someday I will… be able to share with others that I struggle with an eating disorder.
    • Someday I will be RECOVERED :)
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