Posted January 27, 2013

Submitted on February 26, 2013 at the Greenwich, CT screening

    • Someday I will gain the right amount of control!
    • Someday I will get my kidney transplant and will be happier.
    • Someday I will bake vegan cookies  with my daughter  and not think twice  about calories, or find myself in a  depth of guilt.
    • Someday I will not obsess about what I am not.
    • Someday I’ll be ok with being me & understand that I’m okay!
    • Someday I will be a social worker and make a difference.
    • Someday I can be myself completely and I can put down my shield.
    • Someday I will help others to feel no shame or judgment about their struggles.
    • Someday I will share my truth and help to create a world where we can co-exist with our bodies.
    • Someday I’ll take a dance class and enjoy myself… NOT be stuck in the mirror.
    • Someday… I will love my body just the way it is and convey that beauty.
    • Someday my urge to restrict will go away.
    • Someday I want to end human trafficking.
    • Someday I will be free of my anorexia and will be known by my name: not “Rex.”
    • Someday I will be free from this thing that consumes me.
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