One Step
Posted November 8, 2011

Yesterday I went into the city to watch the New York City Marathon.  It was a perfect marathon day, cool temperatures and sunny skies.  The kind of day that sparkles.  The kind of day that makes you believe anything is possible and makes you feel happy to be alive.

From beginning to end, the streets were lined with spectators yelling encouragement to the runners as they passed by. Music blared, people waved signs, children jumped up and down with excitement. Some were there to root on someone they knew but most of us were there shouting our support to strangers, applauding their incredible effort. We all got into the spirit of the day, cheering loudly, yelling and encouraging them in their quest. The excitement was infectious.

Runners had come from around the country and across the globe and many had written their names on their shirts. I began to feel a personal connection as I shouted encouragement to Paulo, Erik, Birthe, Anthony, Susan and countless others. There were solo runners, small groups and large groups. Tall, short, young and old. Every size and shape.

I was standing on 1st Ave. and 88th St., at about mile 18 of the 26.2 mile race.  We marveled at how fresh some of  the runners seemed, as if they had just begun the race and hadn’t already run from Staten Island, through  Brooklyn and Queens and up 30 blocks on the east side of Manhattan.  They still had to make it to the Bronx before heading down 5th Avenue to the finish line in Central Park. NYC Marathon Course. Some runners were showing signs of the miles they’d already run – limping, clutching a cramped side, sweating.  Yet there was such determination on their faces.  A belief that they would finish the race.

A new course record was set yesterday by Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya when he finished the race in 2 hours, 5 minutes, 6 seconds.  Incredible. Amazing.  But guess what?  He ran the race exactly the same way as the 50th runner to cross the line, or the 100th, or the 1,000th.


The road to recovery from ED is achieved the same way.


~ Judy


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